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As the world leader in biofuel production, POET has been on the leading edge of the Renewable Revolution for over 30 years. We believe every product that comes from a barrel of oil can instead be grown from the surface of the Earth.

For over a century the world has relied on petroleum for everything from fuel to consumer products, but at POET, we're rewriting the future with a host of Earth-friendly alternatives made with renewable resources. Our daily focus is on finding innovative ways to harness the power of nature to produce powerful, practical solutions to universal challenges with our ever-expanding suite of bioproducts and related services.

Our research, technology, and engineering teams are unrivaled in their ability to continually develop and improve our products and processes. Our years of experience have helped us create a dynamic team of individuals with a wide variety of specialties. We know how to be a key part of your business because we’ve been there.

Put simply, each day we find new ways to combine creativity and common sense to build a better world for all — and we’re just getting started.

POET's Production Process

Grain Purchasing

We buy grain from local farmers near each POET bioprocessing facility.


Feed Ingredients

At our bioprocessing facilities, after the starch has been removed from grain to produce bioethanol we use the remaining protein, fiber, and oil to create high-quality, nutritious food and feed products.


Reliability you can depend on

Purified Alcohol

POET purified alcohol is derived from plants and meets the most stringent standards of quality and purity.


CO2 & Dry Ice

POET's efficient bioprocessing allows carbon dioxide to be captured for commercial use, including dry ice.


Asphalt Rejuvenator & PG Modifier

POET’s unending quest for renewable alternatives has led to the creation of a clean, corn oil-based asphalt rejuvenation and modification solution.



A clean-burning, plant-based alternative to fossil fuels.


Our business is your business

Design & Construction

Our world-class design & construction team provides top-notch, timely, and cost-conscious engineering, procurement, and construction services.


Transportation Services

We are experts in providing safe, dependable, cost-effective transportation logistics and services.


Denaturant & Natural Gas

POET is a dependable supplier of denaturant and natural gas across the U.S. and the world.

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