All Natural, Bio-based Purified Alcohol

At POET, we believe the Earth was made to thrive in natural harmony. Sustainability is not a new concept for us. It has always been at the heart of our business and a driving force for all we do. Our commitment to sustainability is brought to life by the suite of Earth-friendly products we’ve created and the dedication of our team members and farmer suppliers to improve upon our production processes every day.

Sustainably produced and held to the highest purity standards, POET’s purified alcohol is made with the POET Pure Promise of quality, reliability, and sustainability.

POET Purified Alcohol is a fundamental component of products ranging from food and beverage ingredients and personal care products to cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and industrial bioethanol uses.

Our food grade alcohol meets the highest standards for purity, including the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) label standards, and adheres to kosher guidelines. Our Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS) are distilled six times which results in consistent and versatile neutral alcohols.

Our purified alcohols are also widely used and effective as pharmaceutical grade alcohols with a variety of uses. The all natural, bio-based USP alcohols produced by POET are made from renewable sources and can replace fossil fuel-based synthetic ingredients in many current products.

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POET’s Purified Alcohol, is a highly purified ethyl alcohol product produced exclusively using POET’s patented low-temperature fermentation process. This process ensures a lower-stress environment for the yeast during fermentation, resulting in lower levels of congeners being formed. From there, POET’s process thoroughly distills the alcohol to ensure a highly purified product in every ounce.

This extensive process also serves to ensure the final distilled product is free of any of the protein materials that cause allergies. All of the GNS-grade product produced by POET is derived exclusively from corn, and as such is naturally gluten-free as defined by the FDA. Contact us for detailed specifications of our product relating to a specific grade.

Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS)

U.S Pharmacopeia (USP)

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