When you use an uncommonly innovative process, you get something unlike any other distillers grains on the market. Dakota Gold DDGS provide uniform particle size, high palatability and nutrient value to maximize feed utilization and performance. Dakota Gold also boasts unique physical characteristics that put it in a class of its own, such as easier pelleting and enhanced flowability.

Dakota Gold is ideal for swine, dairy and poultry. The value of high quality protein, highly digestible fiber, amino acids and phosphorus continue to add value to rations, improving economic bottom lines.

  • POET's innovative Heat-Free Process maintains nutritional integrity
  • Highly digestible source of key nutrients
  • Lowers cost of production for swine, poultry and dairy
  • Optimizes milk production in dairy cattle
  • Increases feed efficiency in beef cattle
  • Enhances yolk color in eggs.

For the most current product specifications, please contact the POET Nutrition Merchandising team.

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Dakota Gold

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Dakota Gold ProPellet is the latest product added to POET's feed solutions. It takes the traditional loose form of Dakota Gold DDGS and presses it into a pellet form. In this new form, Dakota Gold ProPellet can decrease shrink loss by up to 38%. Our ProPellet also provides superior handling with better flowability, all while increasing feed efficiency. In order to meet your needs, ProPellet is offered in two sizes: 1/'4" pellet and 3/4" cube, to provide better options for producers.

  • All natural premium pellet
  • Up to 32% more digestible for protein, fat and fiber
  • 100% Dakota Gold DDGS with no binders or additives
  • Multi-species

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Voilà corn distillers oil is produced from a proprietary process in which the oil fraction of condensed distillers solubles is separated and further refined into a high quality animal feed. The resulting corn distillers oil is excellent for use in animal feed rations to add a high quality source of energy to the diet.

Voilà, the newest product from the ever expanding line of POET biorefined products, is a high quality corn distillers oil derived from the patented POET BPX® dry mill ethanol process.

Voilà is a light reddish-orange colored liquid that displays the general physical characteristics of common corn oils.

Currently produced at POET Biorefining locations across the Midwest, Voilà is available to satisfy your animal feed needs throughout the world.

Voilà corn distillers oil delivers consistent quality so you can be confident your formulation will meet the nutritional needs of your consumer. Voilà corn distillers oil is the highest quality, most consistent corn distillers oil available on the market today.

Fatty acid profile representative of common corn oils:

Palmitic C16:0 - 14%
Stearic C18:0 - 2%
Oleic C18:1 - 28%
Linoleic C18:2 - 54%
Linolenic C18:3 - 1%

POET - Voilà
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Modified DDGS is a co-product from the conventional ethanol production process.

For the most current product specifications, please contact the POET Nutrition Merchandising team.

  • Recommended for ruminants
  • 48%+ dry matter
  • Savings on freight costs
  • Consistent product
  • Reliable availability


POET Distillers Wet Grains (DWG) feature uniform particle size, high palatability and nutrient value proven to maximize feed utilization and performance.

For the most current product specifications, please contact the POET Nutrition Merchandising team.

Without the need for drying time, this valuable feed source is often times more affordable than traditional distillers grains — and therefore an excellent solution for ruminant operations within truck delivery areas.

  • Recommended for ruminants
  • Approximately 65% moisture
  • Safe, economic source of key nutrients


POET Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles (CCDS), traditionally referred to as "syrup," is a safe, economical liquid feed ingredient source known for quality and consistency, produced in the ethanol process by industry leader POET.

For the most current product specifications, please contact the POET Nutrition Merchandising team.

In addition to excellent nutritional qualities, Dakota Gold CCDS is a highly palatable, economical liquid feed ingredient predominantly used in ruminant diets. Commonly mixed in TMR’s or blended with low quality forages, it provides a unique blend of highly digestible protein, energy and key minerals. A highly attractive, economical liquid feed ingredient paying dividends in animal performance and ration cost.

  • Recommended for beef and dairy diets
  • Excellent source of highly digestible protein and energy
  • Best results when used in a TMR



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