Investing in communities locally and abroad

Giving Back

A key part of our mission to leave the world better than we found it involves giving back – both in the communities that we call home and communities all over the world. This is largely demonstrated by POET’s local philanthropic program, POET Gives Back, as well as our international nonprofit foundation, Seeds of Change.


POET wants to invest in the next generation of innovators, leaders, dreamers, and doers who want to change the world. The annual Never Satisfied Scholarship program is open to students enrolled in any two- or four-year post-secondary school, regardless of major or GPA.


Never Satisfied

The world is full of people who will tell you what you can't do.
How will you prove them wrong?

Community Grants

The POET Never Satisfied Community Grant program is facilitated by POET’s bioprocessing facilities, which award annual grants to local individuals or community organizations that share POET’s vision to make the world a better place.


Seeds of Change

POET’s international nonprofit, founded by Jeff and Tammie Broin, works to cultivate sustainable, worldwide change by transforming lives through the power of education and the miracle of agriculture.

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