Give Your Old Asphalt New Life

Our patented BPX process makes JIVE™ a more cost-effective, safer, and healthier asphalt rejuvenator, modifier, and shingle coating additive. And because JIVE is made from 100% homegrown American corn, it is greener than the competition by a mile.

Our process starts with testing every inbound shipment of corn. Our corn is ground very finely to prepare for our BPX cold cook fermentation. Rather than using heat as a catalyst, we use a proprietary biological process patented by POET.

JIVE is a lower-cost, more environmentally friendly and safer alternative to other products on the market today. And due to the unique characteristics of JIVE which are derived from our patented BPX process, is that JIVE can be used in several ways in the asphalt industry – as a PG modifier, as a rejuvenator, or as a shingle coat additive, each with its own significant benefits.

You can rest easy knowing that with POET’s extensive production network and meticulous quality control systems, you will receive the supply assurance and consistent product you need for your operation.


A new day for old asphalt

Replace lost maltene fraction with renewable, non-toxic components while increasing durability.


Professional Grade Modifier

JIVE reduces viscosity and increases the UTI of bitumen from an array of crude sources by improving low temperature properties while limiting high temperature rutting
Decreases the low temperature grade of asphalt to attain as low as -34 or -40 grades
Low dosage rates of 3-4% by weight of binder to improve asphalt binder by one PG grade


Improves mix performance of high RAP and RAS mixtures
While JIVE changes the PG grade of virgin bitumen it also rejuvenates RAP mixtures by restoring the aged bitumen’s properties, allowing for more flexibility in mix designs
Intermediate and low temperature cracking resistance is enhanced even at high RAP content while not negatively impacting rutting resistance

Shingle Coat Additive

Low percent inclusion (1-3%) for observed benefits
Improvement in shingle coating softening point and penetration relationship (penetration increases 2.2 dmm per percent inclusion)
Reduction in shingle coating viscosity


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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of frequently asked questions about JIVE. Not finding what you're looking for? Feel free to reach out. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

What makes us different from other bio-based additives?

The difference starts with the process. Through POET’s patented BPX process, JIVE is given a unique composition compared to other asphalt additives, including other bio-based materials. This no-cook process minimizes heat exposure and allows endogenous corn enzymes to chemically modify the corn oil. This process, along with other downstream processes unique to POET, gives JIVE enhanced utility in asphalt applications.

Does JIVE affect the high and low temperature of the asphalt performance grade?

Incorporating JIVE impacts the high and low temperature of the PG. Each percent inclusion of JIVE (by weight of asphalt binder) lowers the high and low temperature by approximately 2oC.

What RAP inclusion do you recommend?

Customers have seen the same or better mix performance at 45% RAP with JIVE compared to typical 15-25% RAP inclusion without a rejuvenator. RAP sources can vary dramatically, and we suggest performing mix performance tests to ensure asphalt mix quality. POET can assist in this testing. Please contact us for more information.

How should JIVE be stored?

JIVE should be stored at temperatures greater than 20oF and is best stored between 60-80oF. Storing in temperatures less than 20oF may cause gelling. Should gelling occur, the material can be heated to liquefy for use. Note: JIVE should not be stored at temperatures above 100oF. Recirculation or mixing JIVE can be employed to avoid settling.

JIVE is typically stored in stainless steel tanks, however, carbon steel tanks have been found to be suitable.

How can JIVE be delivered?

Through POET’s network, JIVE is available in a variety of delivery methods which include 25-ton trucks and 100-ton rail cars. POET has its own fleet of rail cars dedicated to this material, along with strong relationships within the transportation industry which aids in assured delivery.

Is it seasonal?

No—JIVE is a product available year-round.

Do you have an NCAT study?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

What is the recommended dosage?

PG Modifier - Addition of 3.5% JIVE by weight of asphalt binder provides one PG bump. For example, blending a 64-22 with 3.5% JIVE modifies the PG to a 58-28.

Rejuvenator - We recommend dosing 8% JIVE by weight of RAP binder up to 35% RAP. The dosing should be increased to 10-12% with higher RAP inclusion depending on the RAP source.

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