Rail Projects

Big Stone Rail Expansion

Working Together and Maximizing Value.

Until 2017, the bioprocessing facility in Big Stone, SD was landlocked. Surrounded by unsuitable geography and adjacent public and private land use, the facility was unable to maximize its rail logistics.

We found a creative solution for all stakeholders. By working with neighboring land owners and implementing intelligent earthwork strategies, PD&C’s project team created an innovative design for a 24,000 foot ladder track rail expansion.

Our construction management team worked closely with local authorities and railroad partners to navigate construction and finish the project on schedule.

Now complete, the new rail expansion allows Big Stone to service unit trains, improving logistics and maximizing profitability.

We provided all engineering, design, and construction management for the 24,000 foot track expansion, including all access roads, realignment of existing turnouts, all rail, earthwork, drainage design and all construction and contract management services.

Laddonia Rail Expansion

Cost-effective Solutions.

As demand for rail logistics increased at this processing facility in Laddonia, MO, the client partnered with us to meet the challenge of expanding their rail infrastructure. The result is a new 2,100 linear foot integrated rail spur.

Our expert procurement and contract management staff navigated the complex requirements of multiple grant and incentive programs with an extremely aggressive timeline, saving the client significant cost. A wet spring presented additional challenges, as the design had to be altered to work through geotechnical and subgrade issues. By having all staff in house, PD&C was able to adapt quickly and find the most cost-effective solutions, providing maximum value to the client.

We provided all engineering, procurement, and construction services, including all coordination with local railway companies and officials and all subcontract management services. From conception to completion, the new addition was finished in just five months.

By integrating value engineered solutions and grant and incentive programs, this rail expansion allows the client to increase rail traffic, improve logistics, and plan for future expansion, all with a very attractive payback.

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