Facility Design

Shelbyville Bioprocessing Greenfield

From the Ground Up.

POET was hired to turn an empty field outside Shelbyville, IN into one of the world’s most technologically advanced bioprocessing facilities.

From initial concept and permitting all the way through commissioning and start-up, PD&C provided all engineering, design, and construction management services for the $150 million plant.

Our team of engineers incorporated state-of-the-art environmental controls and production processes, including an integrated steam turbine for efficient electricity generation.

Our procurement group maximized cost savings by utilizing PD&C’s extensive network of partners to source all equipment and materials for the project, right down to the last nut and bolt. Working hand-in-hand with our experienced CM team, who oversaw the entire project, PD&C was able to complete the project on schedule and under budget.

Marion Facility Expansion

Cutting-edge Process Technology.

We recently completed a $120 million dollar expansion of an existing facility in Marion, OH, increasing the facility’s capacity by 80 million gallons per year. The new expansion features cutting-edge process technology, including an integrated steam turbine, water recovery system, and advanced fermentation process. Upon successful startup, we fully implemented design immediately created additional production capacity and maximum operational flexibility for the facility.

The unique engineering challenges of fitting an expansion of this size onto an existing site were met head on by our experienced team. Engineering and project management staff worked hand in hand with the facility to integrate thousands of utility, process, and electrical tie-ins to the existing facility. Extensive modeling and close coordination with contractors were essential, as was extensive testing of the automation systems in our onsite automation lab. The result was a safe and seamless integration with minimal downtime.

We provided all engineering, construction, and procurement services, as well as commissioning and start-up support for this turn-key expansion project. By offering a complete package in house, PD&C had the ability to stay nimble and adjust quickly to opportunities as they arose. With the advantage of comprehensive coordination, we maximized efficiency in a condensed timeline, adding value for the customer.

Industrial Alcohol Processing Facility

A nimble approach.

As our clients face new challenges and priorities, we are on hand to adapt swiftly and provide valuable solutions for all of our clients’ needs. We recently started up a 35 million GPY industrial alcohol plant at an existing facility in Ohio, bringing the plant from conception through construction and start-up in just nine months. The new industrial alcohol system provides advanced purification of bioethanol to meet a higher quality Grain Neutral Spirit specification (GNS) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards, adding value for our customer while providing an essential ingredient for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our design team had to overcome the challenges of completing the project on an accelerated schedule while navigating the added difficulties presented by winter weather conditions and the complex technology involved. Our collaborative team was able to innovate and come up with creative solutions, meeting on a daily basis to prioritize work, communicate deliverables, and coordinate with multiple project stakeholders. Our procurement and construction management teams managed dozens of vendors and subcontractors ensuring all the materials delivered on schedule and work was completed on site in a timely manner. The result was a nimble approach that delivered a successful project.

The new system added value for the customer by creating an additional high-value product and offering operational flexibility, advantages which they were able to pass on to their own customers. The project was able to increase revenue, ensure serviceability and safety in design for the plant and gave the plant strongly designed systems to support all pieces of equipment and piping to make the industrial alcohol manufacturing process run smoothly.

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