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POET Pure Biogenic CO2 and Dry Ice Business Expands

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. and LADDONIA, Mo. (January 31, 2023) – POET, the world’s largest biofuels producer, has begun construction on two expansions at its Lake Crystal, Minn., and Laddonia, Mo. bioprocessing locations. These additions will allow the facilities to capture renewable CO2, a co-product of POET’s bioethanol production process, to be sold for commercial use.

POET is the fastest-growing renewable CO2 business in the United States. POET Pure biogenic CO2 is part of the all-natural POET Pure line of bioproducts that meets the most stringent requirements for quality and purity. It is the highest-grade sustainable liquid carbon dioxide on the market.

“We’re very excited about these significant additions to our facilities,” said Brad Jones, Director of Business Development CO2 for POET. “Both of these expansions will feature liquid CO2 capture, and the Laddonia facility will also feature state-of-the-art dry ice production capabilities.”

The addition at POET Bioprocessing – Lake Crystal is scheduled to be fully operational in the summer of 2023, and the expansion at POET Bioprocessing – Laddonia is expected to begin operations by the end of the year.

“These projects are a testament to POET’s continued commitment to providing a renewable CO2 solution for our customers,” said Jones. “It’s a win-win that enables us to increase the availability of Earth-friendly, plant-derived bioCO2 while expanding markets and creating additional value for farmers across POET’s bioprocessing network.”

To read more about POET’s commitment to sustainability, please visit

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