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POET Commends EPA for Extending Summertime E15 Access

Friday, April 19, 2024

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (April 19, 2024) -- Today, POET commended the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for extending summertime access to E15, fuel made with 15 percent plant-based bioethanol.

Joshua Shields, POET Vice President of Corporate Affairs:

“Maintaining access to E15 will bring big benefits to drivers as we head into the summer driving season when gas prices typically rise. This decision will play a crucial role in ensuring Americans have the freedom to fuel with a clean, affordable option at the pump when they need it most.

“With conflicts overseas impacting global fuel supplies and gas prices here at home, it makes sense to ensure access to higher blends of American-made bioethanol is maintained. This simple move can help shield consumers from gasoline supply shortages and price spikes while reducing smog-forming emissions, especially in congested urban areas. In fact, E15 has lower evaporative emissions than standard summertime gasoline, which can mean fewer negative health effects from air pollution.

“Of course, the push doesn’t end with this summer waiver; what Americans really need and deserve is permanent, year-round access to E15, which is why we continue to advocate for this commonsense policy change along with a large coalition of fuel retailers and other producers, processors, and distributors.”

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