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Iowa’s Ethanol Standards Bill
House File 859/Senate File 549
Governor Reynolds and biofuel champions at the state capitol are working to pass legislation that would ensure access to E15 across the state of Iowa by 2026.

What does Iowa’s Ethanol Standards Bill do?
  • Ensures Iowans have access to E15 at a minimum of one fuel dispenser at each fueling station by 2026
  • Focuses on the vast number of fueling stations across Iowa with fueling equipment approved for E15
  • Exempts older fueling stations with outdated equipment helping all fuel stations stay in business
  • Provides generous infrastructure funding for retailers to update their stations with new fueling equipment
  • Makes other improvements to the state’s ethanol and biodiesel fueling standards

Why is an E15 Standard needed today?
Despite proven benefits for motorists, far too many Iowans don’t have access to E15 in Iowa. Today, drivers across the state can only find E15 at one out of every 10 fuel retail locations – depriving many drivers of lower-cost, higher-octane and cleaner-burning fuel. The bill ensures more Iowans will have the choice to fill up with a better fuel option that saves them money.

Is an E15 Standard a “Mandate”?
No. Government mandates generally do not allow options. Iowa’s proposed Ethanol Standards still permit sales of E0 and E10, but also ensure that Iowans will have greater access to E15 across the state.

What can E15 do for Iowa’s economy, family farms and drivers?

E15 is better in every category. In fact, recent research proves that fully shifting from E10 to E15 across Iowa would annually:

  • Add $140 million to Iowa’s economy
  • Grow demand for an additional 23 million bushels of grain with a value of more than $80 million
  • Boost household income by nearly $41 million
  • Generate additional tax revenues of more than $12 million
  • Drive $71.9 million in fuel savings


Tell your Legislators to Support HF 859 / SF 549!
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