An internship at POET is a chance to use your education and add to your college learning experience with a bioethanol producer who has been a pioneer in the bioethanol industry for over two decades. At POET, you will work side by side with some of the best minds in the industry.

POET is committed to discovering talent, passion and the drive to succeed. Through our Internship Program, we share knowledge and build relationships with qualified students from a variety of majors, including mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural studies, biology, chemistry, microbiology and many others.

The POET internship experience offers numerous activities to participants, including intern lunches, visits to our network of more than 20 plants, various social and community events, and the opportunity to present your internship experience to upper management.


Applications are accepted through our website. Students attending the schools listed on our campus recruiting calendar may also contact their campus career centers for more information.

POET internships begin in late-mid May and typically last 10 to 12 weeks, allowing ample time to complete a substantial project and make a significant contribution to our organization.


POET offers internship opportunities to full time students of junior or senior status enrolled at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Eligible students must be pursuing an applicable degree or course of study. To maintain eligibility, interns must perform satisfactorily throughout the internship program.


How do I apply for an Internship?
Intern positions are posted at select universities as well as our website. To view internship opportunities on our website, check out our open positions.

Will I be contacted once I submit my application?
If you apply for a position on the POET website, an email notification will be sent to you confirming that your application has been received. Qualified candidates will be contacted directly by a POET recruiter or hiring manager.

How does the selection process work?
Applications are reviewed by POET recruiters and hiring managers in December and January. Phone screen interviews are then conducted with selected candidates. Offers are typically completed by March or April for internships beginning in May.

What are the criteria for a POET Internship?

  • Must be currently enrolled at an accredited two- or four-year college or university
  • Must be a Junior or Senior status
  • Must be pursuing an applicable degree or course of study
  • Must be in good academic standing within their majors and overall at their university

Are internships paid?
POET pays a competitive wage for internships. Wages are based on discipline, completed years of education and previous experience. Our salary guidelines are reviewed annually for competitiveness within the industry.

Do interns receive benefits?
POET interns are not eligible for our benefit package.

What are the benefits of a POET internship?

  • Challenging and stimulating work assignments
  • Expense reimbursement for job-related travel
  • Apply classroom theory to real work situations

Which universities/colleges are on POET's recruiting calendar?
POET actively recruits at colleges and universities across the United States during both fall and spring recruiting seasons. Our on-campus activity may vary year to year.

Does POET conduct on-campus or on-site interviews?
POET may hold interviews on-campus at select universities. Interviews conducted on-campus are at the discretion of the POET hiring manager.

What if POET is not making a campus visit to my university?
Although we may not be visiting your campus during our recruiting campaigns, you may still apply for one of our open internship positions.

Do you hire international students?
International students are eligible to apply if they meet the criteria required of all interns or applicants including being legally entitled to work in the United States. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the appropriate visa, if applicable. As required by current immigration law, an offer of employment is contingent upon the student's ability to provide the appropriate documentation showing proof of eligibility to work in the United States.

What types of student majors does POET recruit?
Many of our projects target science and engineering students. Some of the most common majors are: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil (Structural Emphasis), Environmental, Agricultural, Biology, Chemistry and Microbiology.

What is the duration and timing of an internship?
POET intern assignments typically last 10 to 12 weeks, beginning in late May, allowing ample time to complete a substantial project and make a significant contribution to our organization.

POET assignments are generally a semester in duration, allowing the student to work on potentially multiple projects, while providing the opportunity to make a significant contribution to POET.

Does POET provide an intern orientation?
If selected, candidates will receive a welcome packet and offer letter from POET. This information will confirm the student's start date and details on what to expect on the first day. Interns also receive a special orientation presentation on their first day.

What would my summer experience at POET be like?
POET interns are invited to learn as much as they can about POET's values, products, organizational structure, and business drivers. The POET internship experience offers numerous activities to participants, including intern lunches, visits to our network of more than 20 plants, various social and community events, and the opportunity to present your internship experience to upper management.


Credit Analyst InternSioux Falls, SDEnvironmental Engineering InternSioux Falls, SDEnvironmental Health & Safety InternIowa Falls, IAFinancial Planning and Analysis Data Analyst InternSioux Falls, SDHealth & Safety InternSioux Falls, SDLaboratory InternAshton, IAPlant Engineering InternFairmont, NEPlant Engineering InternLaddonia, MOPlant Engineering InternShell Rock, IAPlant Engineering InternBig Stone City, SDPlant Engineering InternHanlontown, IAPlant Engineering InternPortland, INPlant Engineering InternMarion, OHPlant Engineering InternMitchell, SDPlant Engineering InternGroton, SDPlant Engineering InternIowa Falls, IAPlant Engineering InternArthur, IAPlant Engineering InternJewell, IAPlant Engineering InternHanlontown, IAPlant Engineering InternAlexandria, INPlant Engineering Intern - Data AnalyticsGlenville, MNPlant Engineering Intern|CO-OP - STARTING 1/2022 or 5/2022Lake Crystal, MNPlant Technician InternBig Stone City, SDProcess Engineering InternSioux Falls, SDProcurement InternSioux Falls, SDResearch InternSioux Falls, SDResearch InternScotland, SD


"If you want to be a valued member of a team, work on real world problems and make a true difference, then POET is the place you need to be." -Ben Josten
Information Technology Intern
Dakota State University
IT Help Desk
POET Sioux Falls

"The aspect of POET that I enjoyed most was a company culture that put people first. I felt supported in my projects and I was given the opportunity to explore ways to make processes more efficient and add value to the company. I will walk away from this experience a better engineer, and have a better understanding of how the material that I learn in school applies to actual processes." -Linc Stoel
POET Plant Management, Engineering Intern
South Dakota State School of Mines & Technology

"It's been 10 years since I first joined the POET team as a Mechanical Engineering Intern and I've enjoyed every moment. My internship gave me valuable experience in my career field and I have no doubt I'm in my current position because of the relationships and skills I developed as an intern. I'm thankful to POET for the opportunity to grow my career over the years and I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years have in store." -Joel Bordewyk
General Manager
POET Bioprocessing - Bingham Lake

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