What can E15 do for Nebraska?

U.S. ethanol reduced the need for crude oil imports by 514 million barrels in 2019. By displacing even more foreign oil, E15 can shield Nebraska families from unpredictable price spikes at the pump, expand dependable domestic markets for grain and protect hometown jobs that cannot be shipped overseas.

Corn and ethanol producers drive our rural economy. Moving to E15 would expand investments into rural communities, adding to Nebraska’s 43,400 jobs supported by ethanol producers and increasing the more than $3.4 billion annual economic contribution they already make to the state.

Today 40% of the nation’s corn is used for ethanol and value-added coproducts. Shifting from E10 to E15 across Nebraska would drive demand for an additional 15 million bushels of corn annually – boosting incomes for family farmers and alleviating the need for undependable farm subsidies from the federal government.

Introducing E15 at more gas stations in Nebraska means better choices for consumers at the pump. Nebraska motorists already enjoy $295 million in fuel savings each year thanks to ethanol-blended fuel. Access to E15 across the state will help save even more money. Based on pre-COVID gasoline prices, Americans saved an average of 9 cents per gallon filling up with E15 instead of E10. Adopting an E15 standard nationwide would save consumers at least $12.2 billion annually or nearly $96 per household.

E15 can reduce emissions and improve health by displacing harmful fuel additives, like benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) linked to cancer, respiratory illness, and numerous health risks. In addition, shifting to E15 across the state would reduce greenhouse emissions by 109,000 metric tons – equivalent to taking nearly 24,000 vehicles off Nebraska roads each year.


Growing Opportunites with Statewide E15

Shifting to E15 across the state would annually:

  • Add $100 million to Nebraska’s economy
  • Grow demand for an additional 15 million bushels of grain with a value of $52.8 million
  • Increase household income by $29 million
  • Generate tax revenues of $8.5 million
  • Drive millions in fuel savings

"E15 will boost farm incomes across the Midwest, grow dependable domestic markets for grain, and be a critical step in securing America’s energy independence."

Jeff Broin
POET Founder and CEO

E15 is a high-performance 15% ethanol fuel blend that can boost octane while burning cleaner and cooler than conventional gasoline. In 2011, E15 was approved by the EPA for all light-duty vehicles Model Year 2001 and newer and all Flex Fuel vehicles. Since then, Americans have driven more than 30 billion miles on E15. Today, the nation’s 245 million E15-compatible cars, trucks and SUVs represent more than 97% of vehicles miles traveled. Most automakers – including all of the Big Three – now explicitly warranty E15 for all new liquid fuel vehicle models. U.S. Department of Energy test program data also “showed no statistically significant loss of vehicle performance (emissions, fuel economy, and maintenance issues) attributable to the use of E15 fuel compared to straight gasoline."

Nebraska IS READY FOR E15
E15 is offered at more than 2,600 retail locations across 31 states. More retailers across the U.S. are finding that E15 boosts sales and attracts loyal customers. Still, some may be surprised to learn that much of their existing fuel infrastructure is, in fact, E15 ready. According to numerous reports by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Steel Tank Institute, and Fiberglass Tank and Pipe Institute, most underground storage tanks made in the last 30 years are approved up to 100% ethanol, and most fuel dispensing equipment is already manufacturer-approved for E15. In fact, since the 1980s petroleum equipment manufacturers have offered compatible products for blends above 10% ethanol, including storage tanks, piping, valves, hanging hardware, dispensers, hoses, and nozzles, as standard equipment.

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