The Ethanol Industry and Its Co-Product for Swine Feeding - A Primer on an Emergent Industry

Mark A. Giesemann, Ph.D., Matthew L. Gibson, Ph.D., Kip Karges, Ph.D.

Dakota Gold Marketing, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

At the elevator, in the feedlot and the layer barn, in fast food cereals, and in sweeteners for pop: everyone has taken note of the ethanol industry, the newly come player to our world of cereal grains for (mostly) food. The North American thirst for energy has driven a massive increase in the grain to fuel business1. This paper will examine some of the recent and continuing changes in ethanol production; briefly discuss ethanol production processes and will address the feeding value of co-products for swine from the fastest growing segment of that industry – dry grind ethanol production.

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